Use a pen or crate to keep your puppy contained when he or she is not with you. Just like human babies, puppies can get in a lot of trouble if left on their own! Keep them safe in a small pen or crate. They should be able to play, eat, and sleep in their space. Add a blanket, pillow, or dog bed to make it more comfortable for them.

  Once your puppy is old enough to walk around, tether them to you with a leash tied around your belt or waist. This way they will learn to stay close to you. It will also allow you to monitor them and prevent them from getting in too much trouble. Also, they will tend to not use the restroom when they are tethered to you.

  Don’t feed your puppy right before bed. Instead, feed them early enough in the afternoon that you can let them out a few times before you put them away for the night. After their last meal for the night, no more dog treats until morning! This will help with your puppy potty training.

  Never let your puppy roam the house unattended! This will help prevent potty training accidents and make sure they aren’t chewing things they aren’t supposed to be chewing.

  If your puppy has an accident in the house, firmly tell them “no!” and get them right outside. Stand with them and wait until you see them go to the bathroom. Give the dog a treat!

  Never hit your puppy or punish him after an accident. This doesn’t teach the dog anything and can harm the development of a bond with you and your family.

  If you give a potty command such as “let’s go potty” while your puppy is in the process of going to the bathroom outside, overtime you will be able to say this and they’ll use the restroom on command!